Hosted and Unified Communication Cloud Platform



Plot Technology Groups' Hosted and Unified Communication Cloud Platform delivers email, voice, video, collaboration tools and much more. It’s all secure, integrated, and fully mobile.

Because it’s all delivered over the Internet (even the phones!), our Hosted and Unified Communication Cloud Platform offers a cost effective way to immediately solve your technology issues — while positioning for long-term goals and productivity at the same time.



Managed IT Solutions



At Plot Technology Group, we let you choose the services you need to ensure your Data networks are always operating at maximum efficiency.

Because every organization has unique requirements when it comes to data networking, we offer 100% customizable technical services so every customer gets the support they need when they need it.

Networking / Infrastructure



We partner with the biggest and most respected providers in the industry to bring you Best-in-Breed solutions for all your Data and Voice Network requirements.


Everything from legacy analog circuits to SD-WAN, and beyond in one place. We will do it all for you, from Analysis to Design to Implementation and Project Management.